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There's an App for Your Market

VisitApps is so much more than mobile visitors guides and event applications. Our mobile apps can guide travel planners or in-market visitors around your state, city, events, activities, resorts, and conferences. VisitApps offers your users functions that meet their preferences and encourage engagement, from favorites lists to push notifications, maps to calendar feeds, booking options to social sharing.

VisitApps can help you, the DMO, communicate with in- and out-of-market visitors, increase event participation, boost local business, enhance in-destination experiences, encourage sharing via social media, connect visitors with your DMO staff, track downloads, and gather engagement analytics. We provide the right app package for your visitors, partners, and destination. Browse some of our most popular apps below.

Apps Interface

Hop-Up Visitors with a Beer Hub

Beer Apps


Bottoms up! Help in-market and out-of-market beer enthusiasts locate the perfect pub or brewery. Filter establishments by type of beer, distance, and more. Open it up to more than just beer and include other distilleries for a full beverage experience.

  • Create a Schedule of Brewery Events
  • Filter Establishments by Beer Categories
  • Send Push Notifications for Promotions and Events
  • Deliver Unique Content to Different Age Groups
  • Beer Screenshot 1


    Shine a light on each of the distinct breweries in your destination and preview what's on tap for visitors.
  • Age Restriction


    Allow users to choose between over 21 and under 21 options when they log in, allowing for a more tailored experience.

Make Noise at Your Meeting

Conference Apps


Build apps for your specific meeting and industry events, like users summits, conferences, campus tours, and more. Participants can download the app to plan their conference schedule, plus track sessions and workshops, networking events and shuttle times. Users can view campus maps and set up calendar reminders, too.

  • Build Out The Meeting Schedule
  • Save Favorited Sessions
  • Highlight Speakers
  • Index Local Dining and Transportation
  • Embed a Social Hub
  • Social Screenshot


    Drop a social widget on a page of your website, then display that widget on your phone. Creating a social hub is as easy as that!
  • Highlight Sponsors


    Boost the value of sponsoring your event or meeting by profiling each of your sponsors and providing contact information.

Get in the Game with a Sports App

Sports App


Promote tournaments, bid game days, and sporting events like spring training. Sports apps offer athletics fans and participants in your area schedules, scores, things to do in town in between games, and local resources like gyms and restaurants near their hotel or the stadium.

  • Follow Teams and Divisions
  • Feature Facilities
  • Display Rankings, Scores, and Schedules
  • Announce Cancellations or Game Changes
  • Schedule Changes


    Keep everyone in the loop and announce facility changes or game cancellations to all users at once via push notifications and messages.
  • Follow Divisions


    Follow your favorite divisions and get the major updates after the game.

Spotlight Your Region or State

State App


VisitApps can be a mobile supplement to your Visitors Guide, and are even more effective on state and regional levels. Help users engage more visitors, even on the go, whether they are in the travel-planning phase, in-market, or open to re-engagement after their visit.

  • Filter Content by Region, Hobby or Interest
  • Showcase Major Points of Interest
  • Monitor Road Conditions
  • Embed Social Hubs


  • Filter Results


    Looking for something specific to eat tonight, like farm-to-table or food trucks? Filter your content so users quickly locate the right pick.
  • Road Conditions


    Keep safety top of mind and update road conditions to help your visitors re-route their trip.

Lead the Way with a Walking Audio Tour

Walking Tour


Self guided and audio tours, guided tours, themed tours: help your in-market visitors navigate around town on foot … or by bike or via car. Connect them with local historic landmarks, contemporary businesses, delicious local dining, and welcoming lodging.

  • Display Maps and Hiking Trails
  • Index and Highlight Historical Locations
  • Play Audio Clips at Locations
  • Announce Tour Updates via Push Notifications
  • Index Maps


    Catalog hiking trails and their specific maps so every hiker picks the perfect adventure.
  • Retell History


    Create audio entries for each of your historic landmarks, then group them together to create an easy to follow audio tour of your destination.

Tempt Taste Buds During Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week


Do you offer a seasonal restaurant week or food trails? Guide visitors to participating partner restaurants and dining specials, provide a menu of dining options, and even feature local chefs or recipe blogs. Separate content by food type, or venue preferences (patio dining, anyone?). Allow visitors to search for nearby restaurants, map them, and save their favorites.

  • Filter Restaurants By Amenities or Cuisine
  • Notify Users of Promotions
  • Save Favorite Places
  • Map Out Distances
  • Highlight Chefs
  • Display Menus
  • Profile Chefs


    Don't just highlight food! Tell the story behind cuisine and feature content on some of the notable chefs at your destination.
  • Display Menus


    Leave nothing to the imagination. Render a partners menu so users can get a feel for the food before they even arrive.

Engage Locals, Too, via Community Event Calendars

Event App


Help those new to your area search events, see activity options, create their own calendar of events, share experiences with friends across social media, subscribe to push notifications for event updates, read related blog content for inspiration, get directions, and more.

  • Announce Important Updates via Push
  • Schedule Activities and Save Favorites
  • Embed Forms or Surveys For Attendee Input
  • Embed Contests and List Rules
  • Promote Social Channels
  • Post Schedule


    Create one, central location for visitors and locals alike to see what's happening and attend events at your destination.
  • Crowdsource Events


    Allow users to submit their own events so your calendar is all-inclusive and robust.