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While your Client Success Manager is your go to for all customer needs, the Director of VisitApps would love to hear what you have to say! Email Geoffrey and let him know what exciting ways your app is engaging visitors, or share your new ideas and strategies for a new destination app.

Speaking of apps, if you love the outdoors, next time you decide to hit the trails you should try out Geoffrey's app, Trailvoyant!


Geoffrey Schultz
Director of VisitApps

Geoffrey Schultz


Chompy is a pygmy goat kid who loves jumping on top of things, bleating, and of course, eating everything in sight. His tendency to munch on server cables keeps us on our toes, but he's totally worth it. Chompy picks us up when we're having a rough day and sometimes he contributes to them. But just like any member of a family, at home or at work, we wouldn't be complete without him



Chompy the VisiGoat


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